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Early Childhood Adversity Affects Health Across Lifetime


Please click here to watch an inspiring 15 minute TED talk.

Nadine Burke MPH MD brilliantly speaks about about ACEs —
ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES leading to a lifetime of increased susceptibility to many diseases.

A study of 17,500 adults shows staggering correlations between increased ACEs and disease across a lifetime.

The more exposure to childhood trauma from these life experiences, the higher the predictability that people get sick:

1. physical or emotional abuse
2. physical or emotional neglect
3. parental emotional illness
4. substance abuse or dependence
5. incarceration
6. parental separation or divorce
7. domestic violence

This video is a wake up call that children need protection from toxic family experiences through education and holistic healing modalities.

Dr Burke’s Center for Youth Wellness will be on the list that the
LOVE YOUR BODY INSTITUTE will be supporting through seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Share this video. There are solutions to heal negative patterns children learn from their adverse traumatic experiences.

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