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Dr. Barry Taylor

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The search for youthful skin suggests one of our favorite indulgences is a culprit. Can our skin be negatively effected from eating sugar similar to being in the sun and tobacco exposure ? New research suggests that sugar interrupts “GLYCATION” which results in the sugar eating up protein and fats in the cells The collagen,Read More

I have observed the following positive effects from guiding people nutritionally through cleansing programs. Our body receives the benefits where needed. PHYSICAL 1. Increase Energy 2. Improve Digestion 3. Better Joint Flexibility 4. Better Sleep 5. Decrease Pain 6. Balance Hormones 7. Lose Weight 8. Clearer Skin 9. Stronger Immune Responses – decrease infections andRead More

Let’s look at some basic fundamental “must haves” for sexual intimacy and good sex. Let me know what you think about these tips. Which do you think are important for you besides having the right partner to practice with? 1. Communication is essential for connection. I do not mean conversation that is information exchange. TheRead More

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