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Reading Food Labels

Just about every packaged food made in the U.S. has a food label indicating serving size and other nutritional information. Learning how to read and understand food labels accurately can be daunting and confusing. Yet your health can depend on knowing how to interpret the food label. Here is what is easy: • Avoid foods as much asRead More

Turn Off Television

Watching television has detrimental effects on the brain’s cognitive function, especially in kids. Studies have shown that children who watch more than two hours of television per day struggle more with aggressive behavior. There are three major trends in the health of both children and adults that have public health workers concerned: an increase inRead More


Nightly sleep is critical for the restoration of health. Research suggests that the amount and quality of sleep we achieve has profound effects on wellness. Sleep expert and President of the American Sleep Research Institute, Lynn Larson explains that the link between sleep and decreased longevity is due to the immediate effect lack of sleepRead More

Changing habits takes time and persistence. It is like starting a new job, the first couple of weeks may be stressful and disorienting, and if you just hang in there, you will feel at home before you know it. Three keys to successfully changing a habit: 1st – You must make a clear and intentionalRead More

Love your Disease

In 1491 if you were to stand on a beach watching a loved one sail away out onto the ocean you might notice some changes in your physiology as the boat disappeared over the horizon. Your heart rate might increase, your palms might sweat, you might notice some contracting muscles in your body. Our internalRead More

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