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Dr. Barry Taylor

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  Is it possible to create and enhance youthful looking healthy skin by what you eat and drink? YES! In a series of blogs I will be offering general and specific guidelines using food, herbs and nutritional supplements for Healthy Skin Dermatitis Photo damage Acne Eczema & Psoriasis Thinning and Lax Skin Lines, Wrinkles &Read More

Please click here to watch an inspiring 15 minute TED talk. Nadine Burke MPH MD brilliantly speaks about about ACEs — ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES leading to a lifetime of increased susceptibility to many diseases. A study of 17,500 adults shows staggering correlations between increased ACEs and disease across a lifetime. The more exposure to childhoodRead More

A paradigm is a pattern or a model. The prevailing medical model most of us have grown up in is called Allopathic medicine. Like fish in water who do not realize the all encompassing influence of being in water until they are out, this over view of medicine and disease is as much an orientationRead More

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