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La Stone Hot Rock Treatment

Melting tension from muscles and submerging you in a state of deep relaxation

La Stone Hot Rock Treatment

Indulge In a Hot Stone Treatment

In 1976, Dr. Taylor trained in and began incorporating the practice of polarity and deep tissue muscular healing into his Naturopathic practice. Over the years, he has had much success with these therapies in helping to alleviate certain ailments in his patients. In 1999, Dr. Taylor trained in La Stone Therapy and enjoys sharing and practicing this deeply therapeutic and meditative therapy with his patients.

What is Hot Stone Treatment?

This age old therapy uses hot, smooth Basalt Lava stones that emit a profoundly penetrating heat. This melts tension from muscles as it also submerges you in a state of deep relaxation. This treatment can be physically energizing and can create an experience of mental and emotional peace and serenity.

Cold marble stones can be used as well for healing to produce what has been called ”vascular gymnastics” in the circulatory system and it also helps the body to detoxify.

Those who experience a Hot Stone treatment will feel the following benefits:

  • Improvement in Lymphatic Circulation
  • Significant Stress Reduction
  • Decrease in Back and pain
  • Improves feeling centered and decreases anxiety and tension
  • Decreases Muscular aches, pains and sprains
  • Decreases Rheumatic and arthritic conditions
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