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Pattern Clearings and Healing

Leaving you feeling spacious, freer, and significantly more energized in a peaceful and clear way

Pattern Clearings and Healing

Health is defined as the absence of symptoms. Healing is a process of restoring or repairing. Dr. Taylor’s life work, mission, and passion is to support you in accomplishing your goals in both areas.

There are patterns that are embedded in your physical body that might be important for you to identify and release. These could be infectious agents, toxins, or ways your muscles and organ systems have become conditioned to function that express in ways that you do not think are healthy. Some people hold emotional and mental patterns in their body. You also might have habits that provide you with some comfort and yet you know you have lost your freedom of choice and you find it dis empowering to continue those actions.

Clearing patterns as part of a process for you to be healthier and more connected with healing is distinct from Dr. Taylor giving you specific information for you to know what to eat or what supplements to take in certain doses for a specific period of time. What herbs, vitamins, and foods are good for you now and in the near future is so helpful for you to understand how your body works to both feel better, as well as well as to prevent symptoms in the future.

Clearing patterns might include:

  • specific body work using La Stone Therapy to open up energy flow,
  • meditations or visualizations to allow certain brain centers to open for healing
  • using Neuromodualtion techniques to direct intention for the nervous system before recondition established patterns
  • other healing work to release patterns held in your body.

Healing is a process of making sound or whole or restoring integrity and goes beyond just getting rid of symptoms. Most of the time, the process of pattern clearings leaves you feeling spacious, freer, and significantly more energized in a peaceful and clear way. This is very different even than the appreciation that your symptom has improved.

Pattern clearings are an integral part of Dr. Taylor’s orientation to health and healing. As part of your evaluations, you can look forward to both identifying and then appreciating some of the key elements that will be important for you to clear to allow your body to optimally function. Building, strengthening and tonifying your body is so important for your health.Clearing interferences from your body so your energy can flow is essential to your health and healing. It can be a joyous process to discover this and engage in your process of feeling empowered with your capacity to heal. Connecting to your expanded sense of your capacity to know what you need to work with to restore better function allows you to deeply appreciate your body’s natural ability to heal.

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