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Personalized Wellness

Creating more goals for your health than just relieving symptoms

Personalized Wellness

The wellness approach invites you to engage in, participate, and be curious to learn about your process of achieving better health.

A personalized wellness program opens the possibility for you to have more goals for your health than just relieving symptoms. The elimination of symptoms can be very important. If the underlying cause of the symptoms is not addressed, you are at risk for them to return, although they may be expressed differently. Wellness and healing is learning to listen and respond to your body, as well as getting connected with your overall health and wellbeing. So that:

  • Once you have treated symptoms they don’t manifest or present themselves in other ways.
  • You learn what your body wants or needs and what your symptoms relate to.
  • You learn how to fully address and satisfy what your body needs to function better.

Dr. Taylor has been a health coach for over 35 years, teaching people about wellness. A wellness orientation asks you to learn to trust that your body knows how to heal. The healing power of nature works effortlessly through our body when we remove interferences that block the flow of life and our natural vitality.

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