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Stress Management

How to identify and transform stressful demands into opportunities

Stress Management

An integral part of a Holistic Naturopathic approach to health and healing is to appreciate the nature of stress and how it affects your creative capacity, as well as your mental and emotional resources such as thinking and feeling. If your physical symptoms are either initiated or made worse by stress, it is important for you to know how to either cushion your stress with better nutrition and supplements or learn coping skills to help you neutralize the symptoms, or condition that stress is causing in your body. Dr. Taylor will also coach you to take negative, unhealthy stress and turn it into a constructive motivator to help you accomplish your goals in a more positive manner.

Dr. Taylor teaches stress management classes in corporations, medical facilities and spas all over the world, as well as locally here in Boston.
The content of the class contains:

  • Strategies to more sensitively identify sources of stress
  • Guidelines for using food and exercise to transform distress into stress
  • Time management techniques
  • Exercises in the power of intention
  • Lessons in effective communication skills
  • Relaxation techniques that have profound healing effects

As part of Dr. Taylor’s individual private assessments sessions, he evaluates whether you need to reduce distress/stress so that you have:

  • More energy for work and play
  • Greater improvement of your physical health
  • More enjoyment of your job
  • More clarity and connection to your life purpose
  • More satisfying communications in all your relationships
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